Feel Good Studio & Gym Facilities

If you are looking for a workout from  early morning to late evening, we have everything you need. Whatever your fitness level, new to exercise or experienced, our qualified team will guide, support and motivate you to achieve your personal goals as well as show you how to work any machine or type of equipment during your workout.

As well as the carefully designed training facilities, we pride ourselves on the way our gym looks and feels. We started with an empty space and the opportunity to do things differently.

We set up the gym with the aim of creating an environment that is both comforting and friendly. We want people to be able to walk in from their busy lives and leave feeling stress free. We bought the equipment with our audience in mind to help people have a workout that is easy to carry out and have invested a lot of time on researching the best type of equipment that will fulfil each person’s different workout.



Come and try out our advanced equipment for the gym, which includes a rig, change of direction machine and a lie down leg press. The gym has been kitted out with numerous machines and a variety of weights so each person can concentrate on their own personal workout in a relaxed and enjoyable gym atmosphere.



Come and join us at one of our very popular classes which take place in our new vibrant studio. Each of our classes is a great way to burn fat and tone your muscles. It is a great way to workout to some great music, along with friends, which will leave you wanting more every time.

Our studio is kitted out with powerful high watt high quality sounding speakers that cranks up some great volume as well as  colourful changing lights adding to the vibrant and exhilarating atmosphere. The studio also includes a brand new air conditioning system to keep the studio cool while you are sweating it out. Both of our very popular instructors run Les Mills and Spin classes as well as  some new fitness class ideas to the area of Louth, Zombie Circuits and Feel Good Body Battle.

Click below to view our class timetable and get booked in.

Feel Good Class Timetable

Cardio Room


Get your heart racing in our cardio room. Our machines include cross-trainers, treadmills, step machines and an exercise bike. Our trainers would be more than happy to show you how each machine works and can also create cardio workout plans for gym members at request. Come along and use any cardio equipment which you will find upstairs next to our studio to help increase your fitness or start off your gym workout.